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Hisako Ichiki

Armor UP!

20 September 1985
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Birth Name: Hisako Ichiki
Nicknames: Ako
Codename: Armor
Age: 16-ish...
Gender: Female
Race: Homo-superior, Japanese


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Any Defining Traits: none
Clothing styles/colors: Trendy Japanese’s clothing, silk pajamas, very little make up.

Hisako is a Japanese student possessing the ability to create a psionic shield that is nearly invulnerable. Hisako explains her powers as a manifestation of the spirits of her family. This lineage apparently transfers strength to her in the form of her armor, however its exact nature, limits and possibilities remain to be seen.

Psionic Exo-Armor: possesses a psionic body armor that grants her increased strength and endurance. In addition, the body armor greatly strengthens the force behind her offensive blows and protects her from a significant degree of physical harm.

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Durability
Affiliation: Xavier Institute Student Body


She's a taciturn woman who shows little emotion. She is short tempered, and becomes annoyed easily, lashing out with her sharp tongue. Her distant nature makes her unreceptive to close friendship, although she does treasure the friends she has, which consist entirely of the other SHEILD operative in her group.

General Likes: Sushi, Karate, School, and The Latest Technology!
General Dislikes: Blowfish, Steriotypes
Skills Mastered: ALL Martial Arts Training issued by SHEILD (black belt)


Hisako is the daughter of the Chairman and CEO owner of Ichiki Industries—an international computers and technologies software company. Hisaka is very rich and her father always gives her the latest in new tech. She was the first person in her school to get the NEW iPod Nano!

When she fist manifested her powers at an early age, her father and mother much more understood then those of Western cultures. After all when a nuclear bomb exploded in Hiroshima, if you survived, you were mutant.

It was her father and mother who explained to Hisako just where her powers manifested. They said it was her “ancestor-warrior” lineage that gave her “their strength” of powers.

Being human, her parents, tried to teach her all they could, to control her powers, never the less, the family realized she would need best institute money could buy. That of course was SHIELD HQ!